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Trabajo: Babysitter España 7 ofertas de empleo

We are a family that are looking for an english spoken babysitter. 2hours... Descripción completa
... di 2. Stiamo cercando una babysitter italiana, che sia disponibile per ... Descripción completa
The idea is to play in english with songs, his toys and to do ordinary things as to go to the park or having a walk, always with us i try to speak ... Descripción completa
Ah yes, i forgot that we live in piedrabuena street, really near to almendrales subway station. Hi!... Descripción completa
I sadly need to work so I need help with the two kids. I look forward to hearing from you! Hi, we are family living in Paris (English/French) coming ... Descripción completa
My spanish is very limited so i will appreciate if you can speak a little english. Hi.... Descripción completa
I am looking for a native English babysitter. She has to play with 2 girls ages 4 and speak to them only in English.... Descripción completa